Phone Tether (2 Pack)
Phone Tether (2 Pack)
Phone Tether (2 Pack)

Phone Tether (2 Pack)

Nylon Braided Cord
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This Item Contains 2 Phone Tethers

This sleek and durable phone tether features a high-quality nylon braided cord and is designed to keep your cell phone securely attached to your v4 shorts. Simply attach it to the accessory loop located directly above the cell phone pocket.

Note: This item is not compatible with phone cases that have 1 large opening for the charging port (see image for compatibility).


  1. Separate the large black tab from the O-Ring by pressing the O-Ring inward toward the center
  2. Remove the cell phone from the case
  3. Place the tab inside the phone case and slide the small metal ring through the charging port opening
  4. Place the cell phone back in its case
  5. Reconnect the O-Ring to the small metal ring as shown in the picture
  6. Attach the other end of the tether to the accessory loop located above the cell phone pocket (v4 shorts only)